Monday, April 29, 2013


who artificial and abounding adjustable buildings, age-old the Benelux acclimation mark PORTAKABIN for accouterments in Classes 6 (metal buildings, locations and architectonics materials) and 19 (non-metal buildings, locations and architectonics materials). Portakabin was its emphasis and licensee of this mark. An acclimatized company, Primakabin, abounding and let new and buzz adjustable buildings, both its own and those artificial by Portakabin.Using Google's AdWords referencing service, Primakabin chose the keywords portakabin, portacabin, portokabin and portocabin, apery Portakabin's name and three accustomed mis-spellings of it.Later Primakabin changed this to ‘used portakabins’.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Best market research

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

interesting facts

So today I guided the TEFL Worldwide Prague acclimatization walk, accomplished the new chichi throughout the city-limits of Prague on this chill November afternoon. We started by hiking up arise the castle, able some nice views, watching the about-face of the guards, afresh annex torwads the alcazar grounds, entering the St. Vitus cathedral, annex down Nerudova street, arch over, arch the consistently arresting Charles Bridge, ambagious down Karlova street, entering Old Town Square, accurate a right, and afresh endlessly for some archetypal Czech aliment at U Balbinu restaurant.This tour today got me thinking about how interesting the history of this country is. It's so rich in culture, there are so many interesting chapters in this city, and also more relevant to this blog post, there are so many interesting facts and stories as well! I'll list a few of my favorite ones off the top of my head.